Dr. Helene Bertrand obtained her medical degree from McGill University and is a Clinical Instructor at the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Family Medicine. She has co-authored a number of studies that are published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

In her pain clinic Dr. Bertrand has, for many years, successfully injected Mannitol around inflamed and painful nerves. Often, the pain would disappear before the needle was removed from the skin. This is why she thought that it might be possible to avoid the need for needles by using a skin-penetrating cream to deliver Mannitol to these nerves.

Dr. Marylene Kyriazis is a clinical pharmacist who earned her degree from the University of Washington in Seattle. She is a clinical instructor at the University of British Columbia and specializes in pain management and palliative care.

Dr. Bertrand and Dr. Kyriazis collaborated in the development of QR CREAM™, which successfully delivers mannitol to the nerves, soothes them and after repeated applications often eliminates pain permanently.

Dr. Herbert Grubel (Yale) is Emeritus Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University. He is married to Dr. Bertrand and works with her and Dr. Kyriazis to bring QR CREAM™ to market. He has helped prepare this website.