Dr Bertrand, a family physician, had for many years successfully treated patients for a variety of pain conditions. She did so by using a technique called neural prolotherapy. This involves injections of mannitol under the surface of the skin, around inflamed and painful nerves.

Dr Marylene Kyriazis, a clinical pharmacist with a focus in pain management, was curious about the work that Dr Bertrand was doing. After spending some time at Dr Bertrand’s practice and witnessing the treatments and the results, she was amazed at Dr Bertrand’s success rate in relieving pain. Often, the pain would disappear even before the needle was removed from the skin. The results were far better than what she had seen from prescription pain medications, that she so frequently dispensed.

Drs Bertrand and Kyriazis collaborated in the development of a topical cream that would penetrate through the surface of the skin and deliver the same ingredient, Mannitol, to nerves beneath the skin, and therefore eliminate the need for needles and injections.

After a number of tries and experiments, the QR Cream formula was optimised and finalised. Then the research began. A total of 3 research studies have been completed.

QR Cream was patented. QR Cream was issued a Natural Product Number by Health Canada and was registered with the FDA.

QR Cream was successfully launched into the Canadian and US markets and is currently available online and at select retail stores.

Drs Bertrand and Kyriazis believe that their product, QR Cream, is a breakthrough in the pain industry. It gives them pleasure to know that their efforts and hard work have brought, and continue to bring, relief to so many.