Unique, breakthrough ingredient

QR Cream is very different to all other pain creams.

QR Cream is the first and only commercially available pain cream to contain the active ingredient, Mannitol. For more information click here

This is the first time Mannitol is being used topically for pain relief – as such, the product is patented.

Clinically tested and scientifically proven

Dr Bertrand has collected data relating to the effectiveness of QR Cream in relieving pain of different conditions and specific body parts. For more information click here

A total of 3 research studies have been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of QR Cream. For more information click here

Targeted pain relief

QR Cream is applied to the skin in the area where there is pain. QR Cream’s unique formula delivers the clinically proven ingredient, Mannitol, through the skin, deep into the affected areas, to provide fast acting, long lasting relief of aching, burning or tingling pain. For more information, click here

Safe to use

The active ingredients in QR Cream are Mannitol and Menthol. Both of these are natural, plant derived ingredients. Mannitol is widely used in chewing gum and menthol is widely used in throat lozenges. QR Cream is applied to the skin.

There are no drug interactions or contraindications associated with the use of QR Cream, Click here

Cumulative effect

The pain relief from QR Cream is cumulative; the longer you use it, the less you will need it     This is in contrast to narcotics, where the longer you use them, the more you need them

Approved by Health Canada

As a result of the safety and effectiveness of QR Cream, Health Canada has issued a Natural Product Number for QR Cream

Registered with FDA

QR cream is registered as an OTC analgesic with the FDA

Developed by a Doctor and Pharmacist  

QR Cream was developed through the collaboration of two passionate medical professionals, both with a special interest, focus and experience in pain management. For more information, click here

For more information about the QR Cream team, click here


US patent number US Pat 9,351,985

CDN Pat. 2,849,832