Russ had 15 years of painful neuropathy.

“Hi, my name is Russ and I have had peripheral neuropathy for the last 15 years, and it got worse and worse and worse until this year it prevented me from walking and doing things that I love in life and it was my left foot that really was very bad.

And then I came and I found Dr. Bertrand and she had the QR CREAM™ and it worked like a charm. I’ve used it for about three months and it seems like being in heaven because I can do things that I used to do all my life, so thank you Dr. Bertrand, I really appreciate it.”

Jane’s knee arthritis kept her awake.

The QR CREAM™ is wonderful! I put it on, I could sing all the way to work! It helps so much especially at night when my legs were in a lot of pain I got up and rubbed the cream in really well. The swelling went down and I felt so comfortable that I want to continue using it. I think it’s very good! My pain went from about an 8/10 to about a 2/10 within the week I have been using it.

Going to bed when it was so bad, I put it on and then I would sleep through the night. Because I wear steel toed shoes at work, my legs would be really puffed up, now they are not puffy. With the cream I kept putting it on my knee and the other night, my daughter said to me: “mom you look so good! You don’t look drained”. I just told her “Cheryl it is the cream I’m using on my knee now. My knee doesn’t draw me out, it doesn’t drain me, the pain doesn’t drain me anymore. I feel I can carry on.”

“Manjinder had shoulder pain.”

“Hi my name is Manjinder and I’ve been seeing Dr. Bertrand on and off for three years. Recently I had some really severe shoulder pain actually both my shoulders for about a good six months.

I tried this new QR CREAM™. I used it for about six weeks, twice a day. It was fantastic! I have been pain free for two weeks. I haven’t used the cream. This is the best I’ve felt in over six months. I suggest giving it a try, it really works!”

Giovanni had thigh pain for 40 years.

“I use QR CREAM™ for my leg. I’ve had a problem with my left leg for about 40 years. I had a nasty motorcycle accident when I was 17 years old which left me with pain on the side of my left thigh. That pain is there all the time. It doesn’t matter what I do, the pain is there, so I just try not to think about it. In the last month that I’ve been using QR CREAM™ I feel lots of improvement. My pain has dropped from 7/10 to 3 or 4/10. I want to stay with this cream for another month. This morning I didn’t even need to put it on. I’m very happy with the cream.”

Richard wrenched his back at work.

“I work on a tug and when rotating my back to move a tire I sprained my back. It went into spasm so I thought I’ll just use the QR CREAM™. I felt instantaneous relief on using it!”

Ted had five years of shingles pain.

“I’ve suffered from pain from shingles for about four years going on five, now and the QR CREAM™ has been the first real relief that I’ve had. When I put it on at night, going to bed I can sleep right through the night which I was not able to do before. When I put it on during the day, I get about six hours of relief. I think it is terrific!”

Tess had chronic back pain.

“My name is Tess and I’m 23 years old. For about five years I have been experiencing chronic back pain. I have a hypermobility syndrome and due to this, I have scoliosis which caused me to experience chronic back pain. It was so bad that my supervisor in medical school offered to stop my studies for a year and just focus on fixing my back.

At the time I went to chiropractors I went to physio, I tried tons of different medications, nothing was working. And I then I tried this QR CREAM™. I can dance all night, I can start my residency in a few weeks and I’m over the moon happy. I’ve stopped everything, I’ve stopped using Tiger balm, and I only use QR CREAM™.”

Michelle’s feet burned from neuropathy.

“My name is Michelle and I have gone through treatment for breast cancer. After chemotherapy I experienced peripheral neuropathy in my feet and legs. For over a year I was experiencing pain and burning. The burning was very diligent debilitating. It was affecting my activity, it was even affecting my ability to walk, to care for my kids.

I saw Dr. Bertrand and she put on the QR CREAM™ on my foot and within 30 minutes the burning was gone. It’s been the one week and the burning is still gone. So this is giving me a sense of hope that I can get back to my life, my regular activities and exercise. I am looking forward to see how it goes for long-term treatment as well, the QR CREAM™, thank you”

Sayed had painful numb feet.

“yesterday I had numbness in my left foot. I started to massage the QR CREAM™ in. In about 10 minutes, everything went to normal, for which I was really impressed. Last night, after putting on the cream, I was sleeping, relaxing. 

Before, this numbing would wake me up with some pain. I tried it in the evening time and it was fantastic with me. Thank you.”

James had diabetic neuropathy.

“Hello, my name is James Roberts. I have been suffering from diabetic peripheral neuropathy for at least four years. and I just couldn’t get any relief. It got progressively worse until I couldn’t walk on my feet I couldn’t work and I was looking for relief. I noticed an ad and I found out about a cream called QR CREAM™ that supposedly provides relief. Well in my case it did just that and it made all the difference in the world for my feet. My pain goes away 100% while I’m using the cream and it has brought me total relief.”

Aracilli had arm and knee arthritis pain.

I put QR CREAM™ on my arms… No more pain! I just put it on two times when I had pain and then nothing anymore. It’s really good! Now that I use it on my left and right knee, I can walk already. So my employer said “wow how come you’re walking so nice now not like before you were limping!“

​I said “I have this cream that I put on at night if I’m hurting, but in the morning, no more hurt. The whole day I don’t hurt, even if I work five hours in your house I can run up the stairs.”

I had a really bad case of poison oak and it was super itchy. I went to a dermatologist. The product he gave me was a prescription medication and that did not work for me. I tried QR cream on the itching area and, within a couple of minutes, the itchiness was gone and I had complete relief for about 2 hours. I would have to reapply about every 2 hours, but it was amazing relief: the itch completely went away. I really tried a lot of other products even the prescription medication and that was not as good as QR cream. I really recommend this product for itching. It really works well on poison oak..

Patricia has itchy scalp psoriasis.

I’ve had itchy psoriasis in my body and my hair for around 15 years maybe more I’m not quite sure and this is the first time I’ve had relief from this itch. The QR CREAM™ for the head with the psoriasis just worked amazing.

​My head was normally full of thick plaque, it’s nearly all disappeared. I put it on and it takes about two minutes to kick in, like everywhere. I only use it very sparingly because I didn’t have a lot but after two minutes, it lasts me like four, 4 ½ hours and then I may have to reapply it. It’s the best thing since sliced bread!

Hi, I am John, I pulled my back quite badly painting a swimming pool, ligaments down the side and on both sides of my rib cage.  I was unable to sleep on my side like I normally do, I was having difficulty even working, in fact, sitting in my office chair.  I used QR cream and it completely took away my pain to the point where I was able to both sleep through the night and work and now I am completely fine. It is a miraculous product as far as I am concerned…om this itch. The QR CREAM™ for the head with psoriasis just worked amazing.

“I have found Dr. Bertrand’s QR CREAM™ to be very effective. My wrist has severe osteoarthritis & her cream reduces the pain level fronjetm 7 to 8 down to 0 to 2 within 15 minutes. Also in January I suffered from shingles lesions behind my ear & along the nape of my neck. Her cream reduced the pain to a very bearable level.”


“It’s wonderful. I put it on and keep some on my way to work, it helped so much especially at night when my legs are in a lot of pain. I just got up and wrap it really well with the cream. The swelling went down and I felt so comfortable that I want to continue using it.”


“I first applied the cream an hour after walking/standing for 2 hours. The pain was at a 4/10 at time of application. It settled to 1/10 by 14 minutes post application and lasted about 4 hours.”

Dr. S.G. – MD

“I first applied the cream an hour after walking/standing for 2 hours. The pain was at a 4/10 at time of application. It settled to 1/10 by 14 minutes post application and lasted about 4 hours.”


“At one of our meetings of the local chronic pain support group, ten people in the group agreed to try your QR CREAM™ for their pain.

People were engaged in this pilot survey if they had a pain that was close to the skin. Most people had hand pain while others had arm pain and one had foot pain. On her own accord, one of those with bilateral arm pain applied a small amount to one arm and a larger amount to the other arm.

About 40 minutes later nine of the ten reported relief of their pain. In fact, I did not ask them at that time, as I had planned to ask about one hour after they had applied the cream. They collectively interrupted the proceedings of the evening to tell me that their pain had subsided.

The one that did not report pain relief was the one with foot pain and he admitted that he might not have applied a sufficient amount.

The person who applied differentially to her arms indicated that the pain was less in both arms but the arm that had received a larger amount of cream had greater pain relief.

This, of course, was an unstructured survey and no further details were obtained.”


I was in my backyard when I slipped badly on the icy pavement-extension to our driveway when trying to get some fresh kale soon after the cold weather had descended.  The result was fortunately no fractures,  but, gee, did my neck and shoulders take a pounding resulting in what I now guess post-MVA (motor vehicle accident) folk suffer after what used to be called ‘whiplash!’  A sobering education for me.  The gripping pains were ongoing for quite some days, and applying your cream to the neck areas posteriorly esp. close to the occipital insertion of posterior Traps and such muscles provided me welcome relief quite promptly in about 15 mins lasting a good part of the day.  General relief to allow more functional motion in the neck, shoulders and arms was sustained as BID (twice a day) applications for the several post-injury days.  I used my wife’s supply which she still benefits from for her recurring scalp/ temporal migraines and such.   So there is further testimony from me that the benefits are tangible. Thank you for researching and working on getting that topical to market.

John de Couto