How to apply QR Cream

If you are suffering from shingles or pain after shingles, you may not be able to rub the cream into your skin because even just a light touch can make your pain worse.

The best way to use QR Cream is to apply it to some plastic wrap and then to place the plastic wrap with the cream side against your skin.

The plastic wrap will protect your skin from being touched and help the mannitol to penetrate the skin. Once the mannitol has reached the irritated skin nerves, it will calm them and relieve your pain. Keep the plastic wrap against your skin for at least one hour.

Do not apply QR Cream on open wounds or broken skin!  QR Cream will relieve the pain of an acute attack of shingles but if you apply the cream on open skin, the menthol in QR Cream will cause a burning sensation.

Ted’s shingles pain is now under control

I’ve suffered from pain from shingles for about four years going on five, now and the QR cream has been the first real relief that I’ve had. When I put it on at night, going to bed I can sleep right through the night which I was not able to do before. When I put it on during the day, I get about six hours of relief.  I think it is terrific!

QR Cream

  • Is safe to use
  • Is non greasy, fast
  • Absorbs well, rubs in easily
  • Provides long-lasting relief
  • Has unique, entirely new ingredients
  • Is natural, plant-based
  • Has a cumulative effect
  • The longer you use it, the less you’ll need it