Insect bites and stings, poison ivy or poison oak

Those who used QR cream for these conditions experienced an average of 91% relief in 5 minutes and this lasted 6 hours.  This is better than the 36% relief people get from narcotics, the 23% from anti-inflammatory medications like Advil or Voltaren and 13% from Tylenol (acetaminophen) (Click here).


Testimonials from Dr Bertrand

Last summer, when camping, I was attacked by hordes of mosquitoes.  QR Cream stopped the itch and the bumps very quickly.  No scratches, no scars!

I was walking in the woods with a friend when he disturbed a hornet’s nest and got seven very painful stings. By the time we got home, he had a huge burning red bump around each sting. I quickly applied some QR Cream to each bump and in five minutes his pain was gone and the bumps were getting smaller.

Hélène Bertrand MD


When my grandchildren were young and I saw them scratching their mosquito bites, I applied QR Cream where they were scratching. Within two minutes, they were no longer scratching and the itchy bump caused by the bite quickly disappeared

Hélène Bertrand MD

Testimonial from Claire who got poison oak over her arms, legs, and stomach from her dog. Her doctor prescribed cortisone cream which gave her no relief. She then tried QR cream and this is what happened:

After 1 1/2 weeks on 2-3 different antihistamines and using QR cream several times a day the rash finally disappeared. QR cream was the only topical treatment that took away the itch!

I had a really bad case of poison oak and it was super itchy. I went to a dermatologist. The product he gave me was a prescription medication and that did not work for me. I tried QR cream on the itching area and, within a couple of minutes, the itchiness was gone and I had complete relief for about 2 hours. I would have to reapply about every 2 hours, but it was amazing relief: the itch completely went away. I really tried a lot of other products even the prescription medication and that was not as good as QR cream. I really recommend this product for itching. It really works well on poison oak.

QR Cream

  • Is safe to use
  • Is non greasy, fast
  • Absorbs well, rubs in easily
  • Provides long-lasting relief
  • Has unique, entirely new ingredients
  • Is natural, plant-based
  • Has a cumulative effect
  • The longer you use it, the less you’ll need it