on November 12, 2015 a woman limped into Dr. Bertrand’s office. Her big toe was red and so swollen it was shiny. She was suffering from the awful pain of gout. All the medications she had tried either had not worked or had side effects.  When Dr. Bertrand offered to put some QR cream on her toe, she recoiled and exclaimed: “don’t touch it!”: even the lightest touch was excruciatingly painful. Dr. Bertrand put a gob of QR cream on her finger and, without touching the toe, applied the cream lightly to it.  Within one minute, she could rub in the cream and five minutes later, the pain had disappeared. She was able to walk out of the office normally.  She applied QR Cream to her big toe every six hours for the next two days. On the third day, she had a normal-looking foot and no pain.


Prevent foot pain

Improve the way your foot works

Spend some time walking or running barefoot on uneven ground. If you cannot do this, you can help yourself with an orthotic, an insert in your shoe that helps correct things like:

  • If your foot leans in too much, you need an arch support.
  • If your foot tilts out too much you need a lift under the outside of your heel.
  • If you have plantar fasciitis (pain in front of your heel bone) you need an arch support that avoids the painful area.
  • If the ball of your foot hurts or you have hammertoes you need a lift behind the ball of your foot
  • if you have pain or numbness between two of your toes (Morton’s neuroma) you need a pad on the ball of your foot separating the two toe joints.
  • If you have arthritis in your big toe, you need an arch support that avoids the joint area.

 Here is how you can make your own orthotics out of Kleenex and duct tape


Inflammatory conditions (lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gout) also cause foot arthritis.

The same receptor in the membrane of pain nerves that opens-up to start the pain signal going up the nerve to the brain also releases chemicals that produce inflammation when it is open. The mannitol in QR Cream shuts down this receptor. It stops the pain signal and reduces inflammation. Many people have noticed that as the mannitol in QR Cream relieved their pain, there was also less redness and swelling (less inflammation) around their joint.


If you have burning, tingling, pins and needles, numbness, or itching in your feet

you are probably suffering from nerve pain. To find out more, go to QR cream for peripheral neuropathy.


QR Cream

  • Is safe to use
  • Is non greasy, fast
  • Absorbs well, rubs in easily
  • Provides long-lasting relief
  • Has unique, entirely new ingredients
  • Is natural, plant-based
  • Has a cumulative effect
  • The longer you use it, the less you’ll need it