The table below shows the average percent reduction of pain reported by patients with pain in specific areas of the body. For example, the third line of the table shows that when the cream is applied to sore thumbs, the pain decreased on average by 74 percent, 6 minutes after the application of the cream.

 ConditionNumber of usersMeantime to relief (minutes)Median Duration of relief (hours)Mean Percent relief
Insect bites or stings25 690.6
Itchy psoriasis148.280.4
Thumb arthritis763.574.4
Shingles (mannitol only)25568.7
Knee Arthritis3514564.4
Wrist arthritis12158.864.3
Finger arthritis1111964
Thigh neuropathy51614.962.7
Coccydynia (tail bone pain)1151.560
Foot/toe arthritis5122.258.3
Sacroiliac/low back pain16162.357.8
Hip/leg neuropathic pain14157.656.9
Feet Peripheral neuropathy2816456.6
Neck pain/cervical spondylosis2917654.6
Back pain12242.553
Arm, neuropathic pain618448.8
Face, trigeminal neuralgia6253.548.5
Hip arthritis822448.5
Shoulder, rotator cuff2416348.2
Jaw, TMJ130847.2
Hand, Palm926546.8
Headache, migraine12175.246.6
Ankle arthritis4214.546
Elbow, tennis/golfers6222.544
Anus, Vulva131.340
Chest, breast6291.536.5
Pain after shingles2225435.3
Shoulder + neuropathic pain5177.533.5
Scar neuroma3242.731.8
Scrotal pain130625
Achilles tendinitis1000